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Eppright Distinguished Donors

“Few things in my life gave me more satisfaction than receiving my degree from Texas A&M. But giving back to my university certainly comes close.”
-- Col. George J. Eppright

From its humble beginnings to its current status as a nationally respected, thriving university and athletic power, Texas A&M's rise is in direct correlation with the generosity of its ever-increasing former students, fans and friends. It has taken the true financial commitment and the proactive ingenuity of devoted and distinguished Aggies to transform A&M into what it is today and what it will become tomorrow.

It is a direct result of people like Colonel George J. Eppright and those vital contributors who are a part of the 12th Man Foundation's Eppright Distinguished Donors.

During his lifetime, Col. Eppright (Class of 1926) continually gave back to the university he loved. In 1974, Eppright gave the Texas A&M Foundation 1,222 acres of land. That gift, which provided unrestricted-use funds and scholarships, was followed in 1988 by an additional land gift used to endow two professorships and provide scholarships for the Corps of Cadets. A loyal fan of Texas A&M athletics, Eppright also made six separate endowment gifts to the 12th Man Foundation and rarely missed an A&M home football game.

Eppright's final tribute to his alma mater was the largest cash gift in the history of the 12th Man Foundation. Eppright, who died at age 95 on April 18, 1998, left the majority of his estate – $4.4 million in cash – to benefit athletics through the 12th Man Foundation.

It is because of this rich history of lifetime giving – and the progress that resulted from it – that the 12th Man Foundation's recognition of lifetime giving bears Col. Eppright's name. Those individuals or businesses that have contributed $100,000 or more to support Texas A&M athletics through the 12th Man Foundation or other avenues can become an Eppright Distinguished Donor.

Members of this prestigious group will be specifically honored and recognized by name on beveled glass donor walls to be installed in the Grand Lobby of the Zone at Kyle Field. There will also be special recognition each year in the 12th Man Magazine. Each spring, Eppright Distinguished Donors will be honored at a celebration event in The Zone Club. Most importantly, the lifetime gifts of these donors will serve as an inspiration for fellow Aggies to continue to give back to Texas A&M. Generations of future Aggies will recognize and appreciate the generosity of Eppright Distinguished Donors.

Facts About the Eppright Distinguished Donors Program
  • The Eppright Distinguished Donors program is sponsored jointly by the 12th Man Foundation and the Texas A&M Athletic Department as the premier organization for the recognition of those who have made a commitment to lifetime giving in support of Aggie athletics.
  • Membership is open to individuals and businesses who have contributed at least $100,000 in support of A&M athletics through the 12th Man Foundation or other avenues such as Kyle Field Suites or gifts made directly to the Athletic Department.
  • Eppright Distinguished Donors will be recognized on the wall located in the lobby of the Bernard C. Richardson Zone at Kyle Field, just outside the 12th Man Foundation offices.
  • Members will be invited to an annual dinner event that honors all Eppright Distinguished Donors.
  • Members who prefer anonymity may have their names omitted from honor rolls.

"Coming to Texas A&M definitely changed my life.

To those who support student-athletes by giving, I want to say thanks and gig 'em.

Without them, many young people who aren't financially stable or can't provide an education for themselves have a great opportunity. It makes A&M a better place."

Damontre Moore
Texas A&M Football Letterman, Miami Dolphins Defensive End