Funding scholarships, programs and facilities in support of championship athletics.

Ticket Center

Carole Dollins
Senior Vice President of Ticketing

(979) 260-7986

Tracy Treps
Director of Priority Ticketing

(979) 260-7987

Will Simpson
Director of Ticket Operations & Events

(979) 260-7933

Shane Flater
Ticket Systems & Reports

(979) 260-7988

Chris Carson
Manager of Ticket Events & Internal Sales

(979) 260-7985

Amy Janac
Senior Manager of Ticket Operations & Events

(979) 260-7980

Sylvia Fecht
Senior Manager of Ticket Services

(979) 260-7982

Daniel Timberlake
Director of Ticket Systems

(979) 260-7587

Gina Rice
Executive Administrative Coordinator

(979) 260-7582

Katelyn Rather
Manager of Priority Ticketing

(979) 260-2391

"Coming to Texas A&M definitely changed my life.

To those who support student-athletes by giving, I want to say thanks and gig 'em.

Without them, many young people who aren't financially stable or can't provide an education for themselves have a great opportunity. It makes A&M a better place."

Damontre Moore
Texas A&M Football Letterman, Miami Dolphins Defensive End