Funding scholarships, programs and facilities in support of championship athletics.

Our History

Named in honor of the famous Texas A&M 12th Man tradition, the 12th Man Foundation strives to continue Texas A&M’s athletic success by funding scholarships, programs and facilities in support of championship athletics.

From a vision in the late 1940s to the introduction of The Championship Vision in 2000 and the successful funding and completion of numerous athletic facilities that have dramatically enhanced the landscape of Aggie athletics in the new millennium, the 12th Man Foundation has become one of the most successful and well-respected fundraising organizations in all of college athletics. Most significantly, during the 12th Man Foundation’s storied history, the funds generated by the organization and its loyal donor base have helped transform Texas A&M’s athletic department into one of the nation’s best. In the 2008-09 calendar year, for example, no school in the country won more national championships than Texas A&M’s three titles. It’s no coincidence that A&M’s rise to national prominence as a multi-faceted athletics department has coincided with the dramatic increase in donors to the 12th Man Foundation. In its first year of operation in 1950, the 12th Man Foundation, then known as the Aggie Club, accounted for $16,182 in annual donations.

In 2008, the 12th Man Foundation received almost $17 million in annual revenues and $67.2 million in total revenues, including ticket receipts that are passed along to the Texas A&M athletics department.

Furthermore, the 12th Man Foundation’s donor base has essentially quadrupled in size from as recently as the beginning of the 1990s when it numbered 5,000 donors. That increase is vital to the health of Texas A&M athletics, which are completely self-supporting and cannot receive state funds or public tax dollars. The 12th Man Foundation provides funding for athletic scholarships that A&M offers in its men’s and women’s sports. Truly, 12th Man donors are the foundation of Texas A&M’s athletic success.

Today, the 12th Man Foundation offers its donors a variety of benefits, including priority ticket options for football and basketball games, one of the finest sports magazines in the country, 12th Man Magazine, sports e-mail updates, bowl activities and more. Just as E. King Gill, the original 12th Man, once came out of the crowd to stand ready to help his team, our fans can still literally help our performances on the field by supporting the 12th Man Foundation. You won’t be asked to sweat it out on the field, but your tax-deductible financial support will propel the Aggies to even greater heights.

"We want Texas A&M to have the best programs across the board and have programs we can all be proud of.

It's a real pleasure for us to do this, because I think back about all the support Aggies have given me. No one accomplishes everything in life by themselves, and A&M and the Aggie network have definitely been there for me throughout my life."

Jack and Michele Lafield